Protocol of Handling an Accidental Overcharge

Although it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence it can happen in an instance, and it happens to everyone who has to manually punch in the amount charged to a credit card.  You are talking to the customer, or perhaps your finger lingers too long on a 0.  Maybe you are just feeling so flustered and rushed that you hit a button twice.  I do have to say in my experience this happens more with new hires and trainees than with employees of tenure.  If you or an employee accidentally overcharge a customer’s credit card it is not a time to be tongue tied but a time to appear collected and professional as this is no light matter to your customer.  Have you reviewed with your employees how to handle an overcharge?  Has your manager reviewed this with you?

1. First and foremost apologize profusely.  This is 100% your bad, and this could lead to being an extreme inconvenience for your customer or guest.

2. Explain clearly and simply to the customer what has happened, be humble but professional.

3.  Allow the customer a moment to be irate if they so choose.  This could be far more warranted than you can imagine.

4.  Explain step by step what you are doing to mend it.

5.  Explain that you have no control over the bank and the timeframe it takes for the money to find its way back to their account.

6. Apologize again as you return their card.

Effective communication with our customers is equally essential as our communication with our staff  and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Protocol of Handling an Accidental Overcharge

  1. This was always my worst fear when I was doing cashier duty. Thankfully it never happened. I’ve been overcharged and even accidentally thrown into the red a few times, and it took days, so I was always SUPER careful with the cards. I hardly ever use my card POS anymore because of that very possibility.

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