Customer vs Guest

Sometimes all we need a is a simple fresh new perspective to make today better than yesterday was. Even just a single and simple change in vocabulary would help. You don’t have to be in retail for this to help, as long as you deal with clients this is a healthy change I challenge everyone to make today.

The Customer is Rarely Right...

I have only really worked for one place that called the shoppers “Guests”. But it stuck with me so well, that the only term I use now, even if I am no longer with the company. I truly believe that every store, from the little mom and pop shop in the kitschy historic down town area, to the massive department stores that attach themselves to malls, should train their employees to call their customers, “Guests”.

It might seem like something small, but there is a psychological difference that changes the effort associates put towards helping the shopper, as well as how the shopper feels about the person helping them, and the company as a whole. Let me lay it all out for you.

The Customer

The customer is the person who walks into the store that you don’t care about. The customer is the person, whom when asks where something…

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