Afforable tofu and fresh produce, renewed sales tactics, personal soles, and Hamburgulars…

1. Whole Foods Will Soon Be Offering Affordable Organic Food

whole foods

Whole Foods is opening a more affordable branch of store to target their younger shoppers.  They say the new chain will cost less to operate and be “technology oriented”, which tells me more computers, and smart watches; less jobs and customer service.  They are  presently seeking out locations, but will offer no further details until the beginning of September.

2.  Goodbye Slashed Prices, Hello Shopping Experiences!


With the improvement in economy retailers are eager to end the free for all of price slashing that their consumers have grown so accustomed to.  They will be focusing more on the customer experience and quality of their products in order to take the focus off of prices.  The Lily Pulitzer craze of two weeks ago is a perfect example of what quality product, perfectly promoted, and in limited supply can do for a retailer attempting to raise their bottom line and do away with unnecessary promotions.

3. Find your Fairy Godmother Fit through Foot Selfies


NYC start up company will custom print shoes based off the pictures of your foot made by your smart phone.  Although at present they are mostly utilized by podiatrists and chiropractors they are now in early talks with Amazon’s Zappos.

4. The Hamburglar Returns…


McD’s reinvented the Hamburglar, and the reviews are numerous and all over the place.  While some call him sexy, others call him creepy.  But when you’re as desperate as McDonalds any publicity is good publicity I suppose.  Although April was still below comp, the popular fast food chain did experience higher than anticipated sales this past April.

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