5 Kinds of Horrible Managers

I have been reading an excess of blogs on terrible management.  From my experiences, I was able to categorize the worst managers I had ever experienced and dwindle them down into five simple categories.

1.  The Superhero Manager

Description:  This the manager who wants to do everything themselves. Typically their response will be something like, “I want it done right so I’m just going to do it myself” or “If I don’t do it now, I will just have to do it later when my employees screw it up.”

Skills Lacking:  Delegation, Training.  Employee Communication & Feedback.

Employees Missing Out:  Any reward or drive for work as they are not trusted with anything.  They are not given the opportunities to grow and learn from mistakes.  Staff is not trained, and are not provided with expectations.

2.  The Mommy Manager

Description:  This is the manager that sees their staff as their children instead of adults seeking growth in a career.  These managers baby their staff and do most of the work for them. They do not follow up one disciplinary acts and do not keep anything on record so hold onto ineffective staff members without training them on improvement.

Skills Lacking:  Professionalism, training, and leadership.

Employees Missing Out: Employees have no sense of accountability, and also will have no real room to really grow beyond their particular store location.  Younger employees are not given the opportunity to be treated like professionals or adults in a work setting.

3.  The Bro:

Description:  This is the manager that believes he/she is equal to his/her staff.  They have the team share tasks and sales.  They are very big team players, to the point the individuals lose their chance to shine.

Skills Lacking:  Accountability, training, leadership, professionalism.

Employees Missing Out:  Employees are not able to be recognized for individual efforts so they began to lose the drive to improve.  Employees do not get the opportunity to work with a strong respectable leader who sets high but achievable standards.

4.  The Big Man on Campus

Description:  This is typically the type of manager you would hear referred to as the “asshole”.  They are typically new managers (but sometimes not), as they don’t typically make it much longer before the team gathers to get them fired.  They come in ready to run the place with no respect for the protocol or schedules of the staff to this date.   They do not take the time to get to know the staff, the store, or the company because they are the boss and they are God.  Although they may be a great trainer or excellent at delegating the way they come off is a real demotivator to their sales team.

Skills Lacking: Communication, they lack in respect from their staff.

Employee Missing Out: Employees do not have a comfortable realm of communication with a manager like this.  Their job security will be low and typically the turn over in a store for a manager of this caliber will be incredibly high.

5. The Emperor/Empress

Description: This manager can sometimes be combined with the big man on campus or confused with.  This is the manager who never does anything in their store.  They do not work with customers, they do not manually show their staff that they are equally ready and able to do the job, and sadly that results in a lack of respect from their staff.  Instead, they sit in their office or stand around strictly overseeing the productivity solely accomplished by the staff.

Skills Lacking: Team Mentality & Understanding

Employee Missing Out:  Lacks respect for the boss, does not feel secure at their job nor do they feel fulfilled.  Staff will feel underappreciated and are quicker to burnout.

What do you think?

Managers:  Which one are you, or have you been in the past.  Myself?  I was the superhero.  Click here for an example and how I overcame.

Associates:  What types are you or have you dealt with?


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7 thoughts on “5 Kinds of Horrible Managers

  1. When I was in the Navy, I was more of an Authoritarian Manager with a little hands off thrown in once I was confident in the abilities of my team members. Now, I’m more of a Proactive Manager — a combination of several styles as necessary. I believe in training as much as possible but I like to encourage self reliance so that it is easier to delegate; sometimes I delegate knowing that the person will have to step up and if they can’t then I work on more effective training. I do checks and follow ups and leave it unless there are errors to address. In the past several years, I’ve had to fire only one person because they just couldn’t step up after several training events.
    I tell my assistants that I’m training them to take my job just in case I win the lottery or get run over by a big truck. I praise when it’s right and discuss need-to-improve areas when and where appropriate. Most of everyone responds positively most of the time. With older assistants, I train, delegate and get out of the way unless specifically required to get involved as Manager. 🙂


  2. I’d add the unaccountable friend. This manager is wants to be liked by everyone and puts that above all else. This manager takes credit for anything popular and shifts all blame for unpopular things on to “corporate” or other managers. If they have to have a disciplinary discussion it’s never their idea, they had to do it.

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