Retail Headlines #3: Shopping of the Future, Stale Sales, Conspiracy Theorists

Mike Kalasnik

1.  3-D Custom Home Improvement

Lowe’s is doing it again and leading the retail world by incorporating technology of the future into their stores.  Lowe’s  was the first to utilize robotic sales associates, and now they are the first to bring 3-D Printing to the storefront.  If it is successful this could truly change the face of retail as we know it.

6793826885_d3b6befb99_z2.  American’s Choosing to Save Over Spending

A 3% gain was predicted for the first quarter, after 6.2% of income is being saved for Americans’ after the dramatic drop in gas prices.  But the actual jump in sales was a 1.9%  which was a difficult drop from the strong 4.4% jump from the fourth quarter.   What is the cause?  Savings?  Harsh Weather?


Photo By: Tim Fischer/ Midland Reporter Telegram

3.  Conspiracy Theories Range across the Southwest U.S. Concerning the Wal-Mart Closures

When a big box retailer suddenly closes 5 random locations for the random reasons of minor plumbing with zero notice to their employees, the media will react and the community will raise an eyebrow…or two.  In California the employees believe it was their efforts and strikes from long ago over the demands that have already been met by the company.  Even more exciting is the talk of military operated secret tunnels in my hometown and possible safe houses for China’s military are spreading paranoia wildfires in Texas.

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