May Day, I’m in the Hospital

It’s May Day, as a child I was taught simply, “May Day is a day that you do something nice for someone”.  I always found it a bit funny that May Day followed April Fools Day by exactly a month.   Almost as if the world was like, okay, we gave you a day to freely be an asshole, now here is your chance to really make up some karma points.  Sadly I hear far more in my life about April Fools than I do about May Day ever (in the US at least).  If you have read my blog, you understand that kindness to others is much what I live for, particularly in customer service.

Perhaps it was randomly leaving flowers on my friends’ cars in high school along sophomore row.  Perhaps it was volunteering my time at a soup kitchen or nursing home.  As a store manager I would leave out candies in appreciation for my customers, or make the effort to reach out to everyone on an incredibly sincere personal level.

What are you doing this year for May Day?  Me, I’m giving life.  Yes you read that correctly.  I put on a  hospital gown at midnight and crawled into my hospital bed.  I have followed procedures of early inducing considering some minor complications.  I am taking a shot in the spine while holding my husband’s hand. I am sitting in a hospital bed somewhere in Alabama and holding my daughter against my skin for the first time.  I’m looking at her all knowing infant eyes, and beaming up at my own mom and the fantastic nursing staff with pride.   I’m probably ridiculously crying my eyes out with all the hormones rushing through my body, and introducing my clueless two year old to her new baby sister.

So in my absence from the cyber world I ask, what have you done today for another?  How did you celebrate your May Day today?  Post about it and then share your blog post here.  Or perhaps you wrote something insightful on kindness, we would all love for you to share it here.  Then return the kindness by visiting the other blogs on this comment thread.  Feel free to take the weekend to write and share it.  I shall be back soon, until then I have again set up some great posts that are scheduled until things get settled.  I can’t wait to come home and read all the posts of kindness!

For more details on the rules please visit here.

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