This Week in Retail #2: Popeyes robbed, Democrats Rally for Minimum Wage, and Girl Scout Cookies at Target

1. Target Sells Out

Photo: Jay Reed

Target ruled the retail news world the entire beginning of the week as it’s special Lily Pulitzer collection sold out on Sunday morning in the matter of hours.  Customers were outraged, accusing Target of being unable to handle such a collection.  But this is the way the ball bounces with a limited collection, although it was intended to last for weeks, it was successfully sold out.

2. Popeyes Fires Pregnant Woman After She is Robbed by Gunpoint in Store


Houston employee claims to have been fired from Popeyes for not repaying the Franchise owner the 400 dollars robbed by gunpoint out of the register during her shift.  HR reps have come back saying that she was fired for not following protocol and having too much money in the register at once.  After a sea of bad press the Popeye’s CEO requested that the franchise owner call the employee personally to apologize and offer her job back, which he did.  The lady does not know if she wishes to return.

*Ways to assure your safety in retail.

3.  Sorry Ladies, No More Eye Candy


Photo by: Don

Abercrombie and Hollister have announced that they are dropping the jail bait.  It was discussed in fourth quarter, with the very sudden departure of the CEO Mike Jefferies this past December.  Allot of change is coming for the dwindling teen retailer as this will not only target their models but they are also no longer to hire based off of appearance.  This will lead to expanding their customer range by including plus size clothing and relaunching their Anti-Bullying campaign.

4. Preparing the People for the Minimum Wage Debate this Election

A group of workers and labor activists march down West Grand Boulevard as they demand a raise in the minimum wage for fast food workers in DetroitPHOTO: Rebecca Cook

Democrats push for minimum wage to raised raised to $12 an hour by 2020.  Although 73% of Americans (including 53% of Republicans) all agree that $10.10 is an appropriate raise to bring back the living wages of minimum wage.  But $12 would grant minimum wage workers the “purchasing power” that minimum wage carried in the sixties.  I’m curious, what’s your vote on the matter?  How much of a raise is adequate while still securing jobs?

5. Girl Scout Cookies from Home?!


Photo Credit: Brian

Satisfy that Girl Scout Cookie sweet tooth year round!  That’s right, the Girl Scouts have released their cookies and their oven in Easy Bake form for children.  I can tell you exactly what my daughter will definitely be receiving for her birthday this year.  It will even be released with tools so that your child too can create their own cookie empire in your front yard, get ready Aislyn, Mommy will make you a shopgirl yet! 😉

9 thoughts on “This Week in Retail #2: Popeyes robbed, Democrats Rally for Minimum Wage, and Girl Scout Cookies at Target

  1. In my area of the world a rise that drastic in minimum wage would be terrible. College graduates don’t make that in some instances. I’ve never understood how an entry level position should pay what other’s in the private sector make. Your a kid you get a job at McDonald’s to take your girl out and buy clothes. You either work your way up the “food” chain at McDonald’s to earn a higher wage or you better educate yourself and get a better job.

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  2. Very interesting stories! I had not heard about the Abercrombie changes or the Popeye thing. The $15 minimum wage thing baffles me. I’m 34. I’ve never made that much in my life, and I have a BS degree. One time I almost got a job making $12/hour, and I was so excited. …..but then they said I had to work all weekend, and I decided no job was worth that. Ha! I think young people need to learn the true value of hard work to money. It’s like kids that get allowance for doing no work at all. I grew up with little, so I have a hard time with the entitled people of today.

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  3. I was blessed to have lived in the Seattle area before the Californian invasion. That area has had a high cost of living for the past 20 years and it was probably time to raise the minimum wage. Most average cities will go into shock if the minimum wage is raised dramatically in areas where the cost of living is more reasonable. In the beginning there will be layoffs and drastic price increases.
    If the woman wasn’t pregnant, would she have been offered her job back? The manager probably did say something stupid about her having to pay back the money because she wasn’t supposed to have that much in her register. She doesn’t deserve a minimum wage increase.
    We could all do with less eye candy especially when it comes to the abnormal views of the VS models. I don’t need some young stud trying to sell me clothes that don’t look as good on this olderly body. I just need something that fits, looks decent and functions as needed.
    Having Girl Scout cookies year around is not good for many reasons. First, it will take away the anticipation for that time of year when the cookies become available sold by mostly shy little girls and their zealous parents, in front of whatever store door; second, having access to them will increase the eating of them which in turn will increase the enjoyment which will increase the eating…you see where I’m going with this one; and lastly, it lessens the impact of the empowerment of the young girls in their learning of social interaction and “business-related” activities they currently learn during that time of year–learning how to put a campaign together and opening themselves up to speak to other people, more specifically, strangers. If someone can get it at the store year round, why would we need the little girls selling them? I think someone is trying to out-phase Girl Scouts.

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    1. I highly doubt the easy bake oven is going to compare in quality to the real deal of the cookies. 😉 I think the Girl Scouts will be safe, I know I for sure will still be ordering cases of the real deal before depending my daughter’s toy to bake four cookies in 15 minutes. 😉
      I think she still would have been offered her job back even if she hadn’t been pregnant, but not because it’s the right thing to do after someone is held at gunpoint and then fired over the situation (personally on a busy day I don’t think 400 was in incredibly large amount, and wasn’t anything for how much that company made in the entire day), I think she is getting her job offered back to look better in the public eye.

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  4. Coming from Seattle, I can tell you that the hire the wages, the better the economy. It does mean higher prices, but usually that translates into people making minimum wage meeting the basics, and not being able to afford certain luxuries that should be reserved for people making more.

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    1. Very good point. And living somewhere like Seattle the cost of living is far higher than your average town. That also goes for some various other spots. I like the system where it’s decided upon the area considering there is not a one size fits all for all cities and states.

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      1. The thing I think they need to do nationwide is eliminate the agricultural exemptions for minimum wage. This would slow the flood of illegal immigration as Americans would take the jobs that Americans are supposedly unwilling to do. There would be no incentive anymore. (Not to say immigration is bad, or that illegal immigration would stop, but it would slow), that way, people are paying maybe a bit more for fresh produce, but more people American people have jobs that can pay the bills and keep them off food stamps and can be consumers. And if the American people still aren’t filling the jobs once they aren’t paying slave wages, than we know that migrant workers are still necessary and even the standard of living of their home country is raised because of the higher income, once again making the incentive for coming here a little weaker.

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      2. I had never considered the agriculture front (which you think I should considering that’s my family background on my mother’s side), it’s always just been what it is to me. Too incredibly true.

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