My First Alabama Craft Fair

This past Saturday I participated in my first craft fair in over two years.  As of Saturday I was officially 10 days from Due Date (yes it has been moved up dramatically) for my second sweet girl, and at the last craft fair I was only two weeks out from having Aislyn, must be something about the dusk of pregnancy that gets me motivated to sign up for craft fairs.

Upon arrival this craft fairs was less a craft fair and more a rummage sale, and I knew this wouldn’t exactly be my crowd.  Two of my girlfriends had also rented booths next to me and we were going to have a good time none the less; especially considering one of these friends is the best one I’ve made out here and is sadly moving to Atlanta at the end of the month.

I was very excited to show off my new look for my product as I am reusing containers. I have oodles of baby food containers for the sugar scrubs and then tea bottles for the Dead Sea Salts.  I was also interested to see how my bed time bath bombs and allergy bath bombs for children would be received.


The Positive Notes:

  • It was great to see customers again, even if I didn’t make the most of their presence.
  • We had an awesome location, directly across from the food booths.
  • There was a quite a bit of foot traffic throughout the entire event.
  • We were not rained out.
  • I have  plenty of product left over to do another craft fair after my daughter is born. (preferably indoors)
  • Incredibly cheap lunch!  $2 Hamburgers?!

The Realities:  

  • The first hour no customers even attempted to smell my product, so finally I opened a lid of each scent of various products. This brought a few passer by’s to my product to sniff.
  • Due to a lack of water supply I was unable to perform demonstrations, making it difficult to explain to the few interested customers the difference between bath bombs, soaps, and oddly enough candles.  Although customers mistaking my miniature bath bombs as candles did seem a bit of a strange jump, I could not judge them as I was not seeing my booth through their eyes.


  • Alabama outdoors in springtime + Products that smell flowery = swarming wasps and bees.  (I actually found a dead bee in my Children’s Sniffle Soak Bath Bombs upon taking down my booth)
  • Condensation from the approaching storm lined the inside of my bath bomb bags.


  • The Cost greatly out weighed the earning:

Approx. Cost of Ingredients: $400

Approx. Cost of Supplies: $200

Cost of Booth:  $17

Sales Total Earned: $0

Very excited to go at it again with the ability of demo’s!

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