Shopgirl Training: Rules and Regulations

Hello, and welcome, so glad to have you on the team.  Let’s just start out by going over a few of the policies, I want to make sure that we start out on the same page.

1.  You must maintain a satisfactory performance in daily task and goal achievement.

2. Do not ignore the customers, please.

3.  Please, no whining or complaining…this is annoying and I will fire you.

4.  Those who are difficult to work with or make excuses for piss poor performance will also be fired.

5.  Show up to work for your scheduled shifts.

6.  Please do not eat and drink on the floor, or smoke pot in my back room.

7.  Do not leave the store unattended for any amount of time, not even to smoke pot behind the store.

8.  Do not do your homework or personal budgeting at the cash register.

9.  Please do not advertise your personal business on the sales floor.

10.  If you need a $5 scarf but do not have the funds, I would much rather lend you the five bucks over firing you the next day for utilizing the five finger discount.

11.  Do not steal from the customers.

12. Do not flip off the customers.

13.  Do not stab the customers.

14.  Don’t even bring the weapon to work (this will help you avoid trouble from any sudden impulses you may feel).

15.  Please do not deal pot behind my register, from my back room, or behind my store.

16.  Do not share our trade secrets with the competition.

17.  I can immediately fire you for insubordination, that means you have to do anything I tell you to do! Muahahaha!

18.  Again, just a quick reminder, do not smoke pot in my back room.

19.  Do not take a nap on the counter.

20.  Last but definitely not least, no picketing in front of my store.

12 thoughts on “Shopgirl Training: Rules and Regulations

      1. Omg thats terrible! Much of this I can write off, I mean every retail worker feels the desire to stab a guest now and then lol, and the pot hahahha people are dumb I get it, but the nap thing really threw me for a loop.

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  1. Bwahahaha! This is fantastic! I especially love #3 and #13. But seriously… why can they not smoke pot in your back room? Fascist… 😉

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  2. The only thing I’d add is a restriction on cell phone use. It amazes me what some employees think is acceptable behavior.

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    1. One or two?!!! Hahahaha! I actually found an old thermos of MINE hidden in the back room that had been missing. When I opened it I found that it was some past employee’s stash box. Seriously, you’re going to use your bosses coffee container?! Couldn’t find your own?

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