7 Signs of a Great Retail Employee

So great to see a positive retail employee post that is fun! I hope you all enjoy as much as I did!! Comments disabled, please visit her blog! 🙂

Retail Recalls

1. They’re always happy


You don’t look at them and think, “Man, they hate their job”. No, you make eye contact with them. They make eye contact with you. They smile so bright and greet you as if you are one of their best friends.

2. They acknowledge you as a human being


Yes, they see you in the aisle. Yes, they ask if you need anything. And yes, you are fine. But wait! Where is that candy your mother loves so much? You’re on your way to see her so that would be a great surprise for her, wouldn’t it? That person who just walked by! They were nice enough to say hi so maybe they’ll know where it is? A good retail employee is always approachable to the customer.

3. They go out of their way to satisfy a customer


Oh, that candy bar isn’t on the shelf? “No problem…

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