A Quick Retail Week in Review

1.  Party City & Etsy not only went public but are showing great earnings just out of the gates!

2.  Wal-Mart made the news several times this week:

  • First by suddenly shutting down 5 different Wal-Marts for “plumbing issues” and laying off 2,200 employees in Texas, California, Florida, and Oklahoma.  The stores have not applied for necessary permits as of yet, and the company has stated that the stores will remain closed until the problems are resolved.  Employees severances are permanent and they were offered two months of paid leave until they can find a new job.

3.  It was a dark week for risqué lingerie as Fredrick’s of Hollywood went in a weeks time from shutting down only 31 locations, to shutting down all locations and becoming exclusively online, but then by Friday morning announcing they were filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

4.  Gap, Target, Sears, T.J. Maxx, Williams & Sonoma, A&F, JCP, Burlington and 7 more large retailers have their scheduling practices analyzed under a microscope.  New York’s Attorney General wants to put a stop to the unfair practice of “on-call” shifts for retail employees.

5.  Apple has made the purchase of the Apple Watch exclusively online until June.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Retail Week in Review

  1. I was in the first class of zone managers, I spent 2 years as a zone manager over the front end. I spent the next 2 as the zone manager over consumables, the position I held when I quit last year. From the beginning, I hated the program. On our first day in training they told us not to micromanage our people. In day 3 of training, I raised my hand and asked about how we were told not to micromanage our people after we spent 2 hours learning about a new program to literally manage every minute of our associate’s days.

    I still like Walmart but it going to keep going further and further down hill because the people running it learned how to run a business from a book rather than by building a business themselves. That’s how we got the zone merchandising supervisor program. And it’s why the end of the ZMS program won’t help the people on the floor. The folks in charge haven’t the first clue what’s actually needed to run anything.

    End rant.

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    1. Wal Mart is not alone with its poor management training programs, sadly that’s just retail protocol. I actually do hope to post soon on my thoughts on retail management and training.


      1. For Walmart, it’s not just the managers. They’re bad enough, and a rant for a different day, but the guys making decisions at the very top are absolutely moronic. This is a group of people that got rid of lay-a-way to push credit cards they knew the vast majority of their shoppers couldn’t qualify for. In just our store alone that move cost us 7 figures a year. It’s mind blowing how out of touch they are.

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  2. #4 is interesting to me, as “on call” shifts were the exact thing that caused me to leave retail. How do you pay someone a wage at or barely above minimum wage and then have the nerve to ask them to be “on call” two or three days per week? You are then not able to make any firm plans for those days in the event that you do get called in…

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