One more institution hits the rocks…

This is so frustrating to even read the poor customer service. How hard would it be to just help the man, and make a happy customer? I’m sure if they blogged I’d be reading this

I was obviously trying to have a department meeting with my staff when this customer just kept interrupting us, it was obvious we were busy and already running late on our morning duties since the store opened late, doesn’t he have eyes?  I’m not his personal shopper.

Thoughts Welcome:

Customers Advice:  Sad to say it’s not too far from my general experience in big box anchor stores…how often does a similar situation happen to you?

Retail Workers Advice:  We have all been there, we have something we are really focused on and our focus is broken again and again by customers or other outside sources.  Or we have a message we desperately feel we need to relay to our staff.  How do you feel this was handled?

Martin Herman

I went into a Sears store the other day.  I was looking for a cap – a plain black cap.

It was a bright and shiny morning.  I got to the Mall at about ten minutes to ten. I remember it so clearly because it was one of the first bright shiny mornings here in central Connecticut since the Revolutionary War – or at least it seemed that long since we had such a bright and shiny day.

As I looked in through the rolling entrance gate separating the Mall from Sears I could see someone setting up her register in the store about 20 feet away from the gate.  She saw me and with a broad smile said, “We open at ten.”

I nodded.

At ten on the dot we made eye contact again but there was no movement towards the gate.

At five passed ten I knocked on…

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3 thoughts on “One more institution hits the rocks…

  1. This is one of those posts where I’m keeping most of my thoughts to myself because this is not my blog and I don’t want to cause drama. What I will say is that I find this story entire unbelievable. I’ve know customers like this gentleman and their power of exaggeration knows no limits. I can’t be the only one that noticed he was waiting alone and had only been in the store a few minutes but luckily happened upon another customer that just happened to have passed exactly what he was looking for. Or that the guy who yelled at a group of employee wouldn’t have said a word, or even noticed, when the cashier disappeared to go find the key the gate.

    Retail has it’s share of horror stories and like most horror stories, even when there is some truth, it’s exaggerated.

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    1. Even if he did exaggerate even a little, his perception as a customer is the only thing that really matters to a business. “The customer is always right.” He felt his service was subpar, and that the associates could have done more to help him, instead of giving him the attitude they did. As a customer and a retail worker I am appalled. It definitely doesn’t shine a good light on Sears.

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