Daydreamer Challenge #7: Back to Day One

The idea of taking on the challenge was to reawaken my motivation to write and find some new inspiration after losing so much of my day to day traffic after Disney World (last time I’ll mention it I promise, as things have much improved).  I would stare at the screen and just think, I don’t feel like writing about anything, and even if I did I’m so out of the writing groove I can’t think of what to write about.  And then through an acquaintance of an acquaintance of a blog I heard of the Daydreamer Challenge and thought what a challenge!  How can I make random prompts relate to retail?  Is it possible?  Let’s give it a try!!!

The first challenge I have to say was my absolute favorite, where she gave us three options of three topics with images to spark our writing motivation.  I was inspired and excited as I had been wanting to write a blog about tourist locations after spending a week being the customer of a tourist location and nostalgic of my times on the other side of the register in these bustling exciting spots.

After that the questions became a little more specific and extremely blog focused, which is not the direction I wanted to take my blog personally.  I actually skipped yesterday’s as it was just to answer the questions everyone else asked in their blogs the day before.  Mine must have slipped through the cracks, and that’s okay this wasn’t a challenge really suited for my blog.  Would I do a challenge like this again?  Most likely, probably will soon, but perhaps one that sticks to more general prompts so that I can stick to my main focus of retail, and so I have something to spark ideas for afternoon posts, I’m trying to stick to two posts a day.

I thank Caitlin for the challenge and glad she received a huge burst in followers and readers based off of it.


One thought on “Daydreamer Challenge #7: Back to Day One

  1. Thanks for taking part! 🙂 it was designed for people to pick and choose which challenge to do as they were quite varied! 🙂


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