I’m Presenting at a Craft Fair

If you haven’t guessed it from eluding posts each week, I have signed up for a craft fair next Saturday.  I started out excited for the prospect when a friend offered me half of her booth, but this week has turned into an unhealthy imbalance of creating all natural spa products and blogging.  I have a serious lack in motivation when it comes to creating product, one because I’m on an extremely tight budget after our recent escape to WDW, and two because of my past flop at Christmas time 2012, I can only imagine how slow spring will be.  Despite it all, I’m trying very hard to be very optimistic about it.

I’m keeping my product line simple, and I’m keeping my containers affordable.

Sugar Scrubs (made with essential oils and all organic product):

  1. Mocha Mint
  2. Coconut Lime
  3. Lavender
  4. and I’m open to suggestions of one more scent that is Spring/Summer.

Bath Salts (Made with dead sea salts and essential oils):

  1. Sniffles Soak (Special blend to alleviate allergies and sinuses)
  2. Sleepy Soak (lavender/rosemary)
  3. Open to suggestions for any summer/spring scents you like
  4. Ditto

Bath Bombs:

  1.  Sniffles Soak (comes in kiddo sized for a fun bath time)
  2.  Sleepy Soak  (comes in kiddo sized for a fun bath time)
  3. Open to Suggestions for any summer/Spring scents you like
  4. Ditto

Palm and Soy Wax candles

  1. Lavender
  2. Apple Cinnamon
  3. Jasmine
  4. Ocean Breeze

I have been hitting a thousand and one dead ends in my efforts to prepare for this booth.  I can’t find my candle making pans (I know I unpacked them when we moved), so I’m going to have to just suck it up and ruin my kitchen ones.  My printer is out of ink, and I’ve lost my labels so I have to order pre made labels tomorrow (a pay day) and hope they arrive on time.  I’m out of Coconut oil, all my molds for my bath bombs keep cracking into a thousand pieces after each bath bomb (perhaps it has to do with our high altitude).  I’m out of red candle dye, I can’t find any of my soap dyes at all.  Perhaps it’s an omen to put another cap on my dream for now?

10 thoughts on “I’m Presenting at a Craft Fair

  1. I am positive you’ll be able to make it work and when it’s all said and done you’ll have so much knowledge about what to do if any of these things happen again.

    The cracking could be a result of not enough moisture. Just like a cake being baked at a higher altitude, the recipe would have to be tweaked just a bit. The bath bomb may need to be packed tighter in the mold? I don’t know what’s in the bath bomb, but moisture is usually the issue. I don’t know anything about bath bombs, except they smell great and make me feel great lol.

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    1. I think the problem is I’m packing it too tightly in the mold because the bath bombs are expanding so much that they are busting through the molds overnight. Though I read somewhere online to take them out before they are even dry and just kind of pray that you can mold them into balls before they crumble to pieces, and hope it maintains until it dries.

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      1. I can’t find any, all I can find are the cheapo plastic ones. Online the only steel ones I can find are actually meatball clamps. But tonight my husband removed them after an hour (as opposed to overnight) and it didn’t seem to crack it in that time.

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      2. That’s good. I only knew about the stainless steel molds when I googled the problem you were having with the cracking. I’m more than sure though you just need a little more moisture and it shouldn’t happen anymore.

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  2. Don’t do it! Don’t put a cap on your dream for now… Just go for it. Even if you don’t have everything perfectly prepared and you have to make some last minute substitutions for this booth, just go for it. It will be your first step towards that dream. You can do it! 🙂

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    1. Ya, I guess I could have given a little more background on the cap for now. I”m just a little overwhelmed with my two year old daughter, preparing for the new baby in less than a month, I involuntarily started a full time job, and I’m still trying to maintain this blog regularly…somehow this craft fair snuck up on me and I’m drowning in stress from trying to just make everything work.

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      1. OHhhhh…. well, that’s another thing entirely. Do what you have to do and don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. 🙂

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