Daydreamer Challenge Day #5: Keeping Track of your Goals and Achievements

Each morning when we walk into our job we should know what we are to accomplish that day, that week, and that month.  What is the big picture, what are our goals?  Does your manager communicate your goals to you?  Is it a monetary number that was carefully crafted and computed by some corporate sales trends genius?  Or is it a series of tasks you must complete?  Is it perhaps a certain amount of loyalty members you must collect, or warranties you must push?

Whatever your goal may be, despite your initial feelings, it is important.  It is not only important because it is important to the company, but it is important to know and understand your full purpose in this job.  It is important for you as an employee to have a tool to measure your success rate, even when your manager may not be the best at offering feedback.  If you are achieving your goals than you know what you are doing is correct, if you are repetitively missing the mark than that is your signifier to approach your boss for further guidance and training.

What’s even more important is setting your own goals in your professional and personal life.  These are vital to your happiness and well being.  My personal goals for this blog is to create a common place for customer and retail employee to come together and meet eye to eye on issues.  For retailers to hear things from the customer perspective and equally important for customers to hear things from a retailers perspective.  Retail workers, we don’t all have the store memorized, sometimes we will ask what seems to you stupid questions because we are not the expert like you are, remember that.  Customers, please don’t joke that something is free when it doesn’t ring up or is not marked…it’s not funny to us mostly because it’s a glitch or a realization of a workmates incompetence to pull their role in our team effort, and we hear it all the time since everyone says this.

As for other goals:  I have so many marvelous ideas! clink clink…pause…

The past couple of weeks after returning from a family vacation I have had a really rough time juggling everything and keeping motivated to achieve everything I needed to achieve.  My stats have dropped dramatically keeping me a slave to the computer constantly networking and fulfilling fun blog challenges to reignite the writing fire.  All while I should be filling out the new hire paperwork of my new full time job I was given and crafting a billion and a half spa products for next week.  I should be cleaning the house and preparing for the week long arrival and visit of my Grandmother next week.  I have not slept at all in like a week or two stressing about all that keeps seeming to go wrong in our efforts to purchase our dream home, and due to the discomforts of the final month of pregnancy (frequent potty breaks, and a very large and painfully hyper insomniac baby).  But in it all I have to sit down and think of my achievements, that is how I motivate myself to climb out of bed each morning.

My achievements since my return:

  • My blog is back on track after quite the struggle.
  • I am almost at 200 followers (only 20 away!)
  • I was nominated twice for the Versatile Blogger Award yesterday (post to come soon)
  • I have turned many readers onto many of my friends blogs, which is always encouraging to pay it forward.
  • I have achieved a new more professional recipe of Sugar Scrub.  Although I have only made like 10 6 oz. bottles so far.
  • I have created quite a plethora of bath bombs.
  • After two days I finally signed onto my new work email and made my first correspondences yesterday.
  • I was able to delegate much of the mundane housekeeping tasks to my “mommy’s helper” that comes three days a week.

My…that feels better already…

What have you achieved this week my dear readers?

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