Daydreamer Challenge #3:: Getting to Know You

In the challenge today we are supposed to introduce you to a blog that we have come across during the challenge that we love.

But I Smile Anyway… is a great blog with some quick easy reads (being a blogger with a reading disability this is always a plus) that are totally relatable about day to day life happenings.  This is my favorite ‘new to me’ blog.

Of course there are the classic fav’s that everyone (including me) loves such as Edwina’s Episodes  & a Momma’s View.  They both are not only excellent bloggers but great networkers, working to spread the word of their favorite posts each week!  So following them you not only get their amazingly great quality reads but they will lead you down a rabbit hole of awesome new blogs at least once a week!

But why stop at just the participants when there are so many other amazingly fantastic blogs out there we have to share!  For a complete list of my fav’s please visit my Liebster and Creative Blogger award posts, where I recognize those blogs that lead me to eagerly clench my cup of hot English Breakfast awaiting my internet to load their amazing posts each and every morning whilst my daughter paints herself in Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.

So what are a few of your all time fav’s and why (in your opinion) should we all check them out?

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