How Working Retail Helped Me In Marketing

Another great career to pursue utilizing the skills and knowledge you acquire in sales and customer service!

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How Working Retail Helped Me In Marketing

Summer of 2012 brought what was truly a blessing in disguise when I was hired at Dick’s Sporting Goods as a footwear associate despite not having any true work experience. I had started this position with the intentions of supporting myself through college. What I received from this experience was a place to apply what knowledge I had learned in my marketing courses. It was truly a get out as much as you put in kind of experience.

The size of the department I lead is large enough to be it’s own store with nearly a thousand different styles in store ranging from athletic shoes and cleats to hunting and hiking boots. Beyond keeping the mind sharp, working a footwear position adds value for any student studying business and it’s multitude of emphasises including marketing. Here are a few:


Given enough freedom, merchandising product within the department evokes more…

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