Daydreamer Challenge #2: The Bookshelf

BookshelfThis is my bookshelf it is a reminder of who I am to myself.    It is mine and no one else’s, it does not represent my husband or my children.  The bookshelf itself was purchased at my favorite bookshop that I grew up going to.  When it shut down upon the owner’s passing I purchased four bookshelves from his son; after many moves this is the only of the four that remain.  The son was amazed and touched by the great amount of customers who came fourth to say farewell to their favorite shop.  The legacy a shop can leave in a community is quite the powerful impact, and I believe the son did not realize until it was too late what he had let go of.

On it I store my favorite books, books that were powerful, books that were fun, books that I recorded my deepest thoughts in, books that were useful, and books that took part in guiding me in my path.  Across the top is my favorite action…Laugh, something I must never let go of is my laughter.  I also showcase two golden trophies received from my employer for my outstanding work in customer service and as a manager.  The cotton bales are a part of my sales heritage, the pendulum is an heirloom that represents the constant state of motion that I live in.  I keep all my new age items here such as my Chinese fortune sticks, rune stones, and tarot cards.  I have a painting crafted, framed, and gifted to me by one of my managers upon my departing my job for motherhood.

As a wife I have made many sacrifices in order to make my husband happy, I have trimmed many pieces of myself.  I left my shop to keep our home, I respect his personal religious beliefs, and I have left much of my former life behind.  Staying at home with kids you begin to loose connection of the adult and free spirit you don’t remember you once were.  At nap time I crawl away to my office in our basement and my desk faces my bookshelf as I write, and I take a moment to remind myself of who I was, am, and will be again.

Longer than it is supposed to be response to Day 2 of the Day Dreamer Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Daydreamer Challenge #2: The Bookshelf

  1. Bookshops are my favourite places to visit. Great photo!
    Also, I know that you were following me on my wordpress blog. I’m self hosting now and I was just wondering if you could go to my blog and email subscribe? That way it’s easier for you to get new updates from my blog!


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