Adjusting Your Customers to the Idea of Paying Full Price

The recession is coming to an end and it is time to make the shift of focus from promotions to raising that bottom line.  Just as discussed last Tuesday, change is inevitable and as the sales associate you are going to have to help customers with their frustrations as week long 40% promotions come to an end for companies nationwide.    These companies include but are not limited to Express, New York & Co, Quicksilver, and Guess.

4 Easy Steps to Take when your Customer Demands a Discount

  1. Do not allow the frustration of customers discourage you, instead reach out to understand their frustration (you probably feel it too when you are on the other side of the register), and allow them to voice it to you.
  2. Offer what you can, any information of upcoming promotions you may have
  3. Offer to help the customer find an item that would satisfy their tight pockets that comes at a lower price range.
  4. Check for any additional discounts you may be able to offer, a loyalty program, military, senior discount?  What other money savings resources does your company provide?

Additional Info on Company’s stepping away from promotions:

6 thoughts on “Adjusting Your Customers to the Idea of Paying Full Price

    1. Been there! OMG…BEEN THERE.
      “Well if you could have given me the discount last week, then I know you can afford to give it to me this week just as easily.”
      “No ma’am we can’t offer the discount year round, we would lose money, keep an eye out and maybe you can catch it next time around…” never that simple.

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