Entrance Only

Another wacky story from the world of retail, This weeks customer request:  Please do not go Chuck Norris on the automated doors.


I’ve been in the retail business for almost ten years now, and having been so has trained me how to behave properly at other businesses. However, there are those certain people that you can tell have never worked a day in retail a single day in their entire lives. Like ever.

We have two ways of entering/exiting our store, both clearly marked “Exit Only” and “Entrance Only.” There are those special individuals, however, that will stand facing the “Exit Only” from outside the doors like they will magically open if they wait. Literally, they stare at the doors for a good solid minute or two waiting on something spectacular to happen. These doors also swing outwards, meaning that if you stand too close to them, they won’t open at all as a safety precaution. Still, that one person is going to stand inches away from the door, gazing hungrily inside…

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