Easter Weekend is Upon You

For me (outside of the Christmas rush) there is no more advantageous time to make sales than the weekend of Easter.  Mother’s are out with their daughters last minute rushing for a bright and vibrant Easter dress. Families are enjoying an extended weekend.  Parents are out hunting for goodies from the Easter Bunny.  And everyone is feeling the excitement and warmth of spring, anticipating the summer and fun to come.

I have always made my goal to double my daily goal on the Saturday before Easter, and I have always done it.

  • Make sure your Feature table or rack to the front of your store is eye catching with the bright festive colors of the season. (this does not have to be pastel, in fact pastel is a real turn off for me personally)
  • Make sure to maintain your floor starting with a deep clean and organization overhaul Thursday & Friday Night.   (A little spring break clean up, if you will)
  • If you carry dresses, make sure to have your best eye catching colors on mannequins with appropriate accessories in your window and throughout your dress department.
  • If you sell scents make sure to have the best sellers this spring wafting out your store’s door, encourage customers to sniff all your personal floral/clean favs!
  • If you sell any tiny appliances, jewelry, electronics, or toys that would appeal to children, find a way to make them a focus as Easter Basket stuffers to parents.
  • Keep up the spring mood, with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Have your floor covered at all times with equally enthusiastic employees, keep them upbeat.
  • Everyone is looking for something new for the new season, make sure you are discussing your newest trendiest products as they catch the customers’ eye.

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