My Quest for “Career Bliss”–Yes, it Exists!

Hey Readers, I have done a guest post for Flavored Lemons on a part of the reason I am so happy and optimistic about retail. Please head on over and check it out! Thank you. 🙂

Flavored Lemons

a guest blog post by shopgirl of

My daddy could sell ‘ice to an eskimo’, or so I was told.  Growing up, I remember my daddy was a jovial person.  He laughed more than any human I have still yet to meet, and he always donned a smile that extended across his entire face.  I would trace the deep crevices that had cratered in a sunburst pattern from his eyes at only 35.   He was my love, my hero, and held all my admiration.   I asked him to marry me over and over again.  Call it childhood instinct, but I knew our time together would be short.

It was a Sunday night, 5 days before my 11th birthday, when we received the tragic call; my daddy was dead.  The day before my birthday I sat nervously locked away in a back corner, hiding from his corpse displayed for the viewing pleasure of all those that had loved…

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