Timing is Everything…

Driving down the road last month I noticed that the chain Learning Express was opening a new store only 10 minutes from my home.  How incredibly perfect, not only is it retail but it’s education based.  With my history in retail and my education in, well, education I was sure to nail down at least a sales associate position.

Though my husband before was weary of my returning to retail (due to my over-diligence and loyalty to my work) I decided to test the waters with him on the topic of returning to work, even just part time. He actually didn’t bat an eye, “Okay, just don’t get too involved that you forget your family.”  (I have never forgotten my family due to work, due to the fact I’ve never had the opportunity since having a family.)  But his concerns are understandable, my husband was raised by a workaholic who missed most of his childhood and adulthood due to consuming himself in his work. His dad actually called us a month after our daughter was born to ask for the due date (which he had been reminded of even up to two weeks before the occurrence) again because he was going to try to make it out for the birth, finally when she was six months he made it around to meeting her.  He honestly has the best of intentions, he is consumed with work, and with a father like that, and the workaholic tendencies that I possess I understand my husbands hesitations.

I was excited that night as I laid down, but then I realized, if I apply today I would have to ask off in two weeks for a Disney trip and then in another 6 weeks for maternity leave.  Who would hire me right now anyway? I sure wouldn’t. I would look at those demands and say look at this overqualified candidate who demands all this special treatment. And so I have decided this fall to revisit the idea, when my step son has returned home to Colorado and my daughters can be enrolled in school.

7 thoughts on “Timing is Everything…

  1. I understand the desire to return to work when you are not, but I definitely do think you are making the right decision by holding off. One of the many, many things that prevents me from working is all the time off I would need for appointments, even if I was physically able.

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