There Will Be No Joy Here.

Read the following with your point of view in mind:

As a customer, what would be your impression of the employees?  The manager?

As a sales associate, has this happened to you?  What’s your story?

As a retail manager, do you feel the action taken was appropriate, or what you would have done?  why or why not?

I was in a VERY large store that sells groceries, dry goods and just about anything else you can think of. I was in the grocery part which was right beside one of the storeroom doors. There was a lot of laughter coming from the storeroom. As I’m standing there, two managers went in and told the staff to stop. I close enough to hear it all. They were nice about it but wanted it stopped. When the managers came out, I was still there (I’m picky about my bread). I mentioned how nice it was to hear laughter in the workplace and happy employees. They were obviously a little taken back by my comment. I don’t recall exactly what the manager’s reply was but it was something like, ‘well they shouldn’t be doing that.’ I understand management’s position but I can tell you there were at least three sales associates out on the floor in the dept where I was, one staff and the two managers so it’s not like customer service could have been or was affected. Or that staff appeared to be not working. So I ask, what was the harm? Yup. It was a little loud but to tell them to stop?…as you have said in previous posts, it’s the sales associates that make the business successful. Let them be happy.  –Mainly Rebloggs

Originally written in the Q&A on Shop Girl Anonymous.  Do you have any retail related situations you would like to leave for discussion?

7 thoughts on “There Will Be No Joy Here.

  1. Thanks so much for re-posting my original comment. I look forward to reading others responses as I know there are many sides to this coin. But I have to say…a happy store is a store I want to shop in! Lol.


  2. Thanks so much for re-posting my original thought! I am enjoying reading other responses. Keep ‘me coming!


  3. Great post. From my point of view, if the two were laughing too too loud, probably just ask them to quiet down a little. But as read from above, if there were plenty of staff on the floor, then I think it’s ok. 🙂

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  4. Depending on their duties and whether they were complete or needed to be to meet a scheduled delivery, etc., I would’ve just asked them to use their inside voices (something I learned many years ago when I dated a day care owner).
    There is a thin line in regards to professionalism. It is good to see a happy, friendly crew when you go into a store. I’ve been in some places where customers are being ignored and the staff is goofing off but most of the time, staff are stoic and/or aloof.
    Sometimes customers expect staff to act a certain way (in the name of professionalism) but always want them to be friendly and courteous.
    We don’t know if the manager’s response is from personal perspective or company policy but just asking them to be quieter as opposed to stop the behavior may have been more desirable.
    Employees should be aware of their surroundings and do their best not to disturb the environment unnecessarily.
    My assistants are expected to be professional and respectful but jovial whenever possible, especially when answering the phone. A customer should sense a smile on this end of the line.

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