You Know You Blog Too Much When…

In attempt to really build my blogs presence and make sure I have plenty of material to post daily when I’m at Disney World next week, or having the baby this upcoming May I spend hours on this blog of mine.  I awake before my daughter each morning, heat a mug of chai and a toaster strudel.  I make my way to the island in the kitchen and read blogs until my daughter wakes up.  I make her breakfast and then return to reading my feed.  I dress my daughter, we run an errand or two, or play for a couple of hours (I check wordpress on my phone to make sure there are no comments awaiting approval(not that the app works anyway)), and then she lays down at two and naps, this is when I do my writing.  I write until my husband comes home around 5 or 6, fix dinner, eat dinner, bathe my daughter, let her play until 8, toss her in bed, and then I climb into bed staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning reading blogs and commenting.  This adds up to roughly 14 hours a day on WordPress.

I guess then it should be no surprise that each night for the past week I have dreamt of my favorite bloggers…

I first dreamed that I met with Josh Wrenn and his precious wife at a coffee shop with my daughter.  What a great, fun couple they were, what a great conversation we held about blogging, moving, and survival.

The next night I dreamed of Jason Cushman, or OM, and having his kiddos over for a play date with my kiddos.  He was busy off doing super hero business (you know cape and all) while I watched his sweet sweet girls.

The next night I dreamed that I was stocking shelves with the writer of Grocery Store Madness.  We had a blast, I spent most the evening in hysterics of laughter.

And then finally last night I went malling with the ever so bubbly Krissy Prenner and we ran into Annie Evans from Under and Over, Around and Through, great time of course had by all.

So all being said and done, I believe this next week in Orlando will allow me to detox and refresh my brain back to my day to day reality.  Perhaps I will have to come back and readjust to a new schedule that is not so WordPress dependent (or let’s face it addicted).

15 thoughts on “You Know You Blog Too Much When…

  1. Ha! I’m right there with you 🙂 and yep, the app sucks. I’m always checking if that little red dot has appeared on the notification bell. I’ve been obsessed the past month. My messy house is proof enough lol.

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  2. If we don’t watch it as bloggers, we’re going to end up in the DSM VI and we’ll get some exotic tag like Blog-o-philia or something and they’ll develop pills they can ram down our throats to supposedly cure us while we all know that they only do it for the money. Anyways, keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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  3. Well, well, my friend. Turns out your blogging addiction has reached me…and has such resulted in a Liebster Award nomination. Your posts have been real, inspirational, and most of all relateable. Okay, so maybe that is interchangeable with real but this is my comment and I’m taking it in that direction. I have nominated you because your tone is really quite unique. We all speak in our own tones and write in our own ways – but yours is its very own and does not speak to the definitive influence of others. I’m one to stand alone in a crowd, so I applaud you – whether you mean to take that on or not. In any case, your nomination can be found at the following link: and I hope that you find that sharing this nomination process will reach others and expand our community even further – maybe even finding some more people to share your (our) WordPress addiction with. Good luck, my friend!

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