What To Do After Retail

“You don’t want to aspire to be stuck here in retail,” I overheard one of my peers say to the other as we commenced in a store set up.  “You want an education, you want to get out of here.”  I had an education, and honestly I was quite happy with what I was doing, but I know this is not the case for all.  There are many sales jobs in the bigger world out there that retail is a great building block to set you up for (and further education is not always a prerequiset), for instance:

Advertising Sales

Median Compensation: $47,000

Education Required: High School Diploma

Job Description:  Reach out to businesses and individuals to sell advertising space online, on the television, on billboards, on the radio and so on.

Financial Analyst

Median Compensation: $77,000

Education Required: Bachelors Degree

Job Description:  Caring for the investments of businesses and individuals.  You will watch stocks, bonds, and all other investment opportunities and advise your clients.  Although this is a high risk, high stress job it could have a huge pay off.

Purchasing Agent

Median Compensation:   $60,550

Education Required: Bachelors Degree (Suggested)

Job Description:  A Purchasing agent evaluates product for a company to use or resell. They negotiate the contracts, find the best suppliers comparing their cost to their reputation, and they are responsible for reviewing product quality.

Pharmaceutical Rep

Average Compensation: Median $88,000

Education Required:

  • Suggested Bachelors in Life Science or Business
  • Suggested CNRP Certification

Job Description:  A pharma rep travels to nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors office to present the newest advancements in pharmaceuticals, encouraging medical practitioners to push their product.

Real Estate Agent

Median Compensation: $41,990

Education Required:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • State Level Certification

Job Description:  Helping clients in the buying and selling of their homes or commercial properties.

Insurance Sales Rep

Median Compensation: $48,150

Education Required:

High School Diploma or GED

Job Description: Reach out and recruit new clients for insurance companies.  Be familiar with the policies and help new clients make informed and confident decisions with their coverage. I know there are so many more corporate level or highly esteemed sales driven positions out there, please feel free to share any that you know!

What other avenues do you know of or have you taken from retail in the field of sales?

7 thoughts on “What To Do After Retail

  1. Reblogged this on Retail Recalls and commented:
    I found this post by Shop Girl Anonymous to be extremely helpful especially since I just changed careers back into retail again. As a soon-to-be college graduate, it’s nerve-wrecking reading what experience companies require when they are looking for new hires. I have been in retail for four years and in a marketing department of a small company for a little over a year now. While I was looking forward to making the transition from irregular shifts to a nice 9-to-5 regular work week, I found myself agreeing to once again work in retail (THIS TIME AT WALT DISNEY WORLD, WOOT!) and it’s a comfort to know that there is a possibility irregular shifts will not always be in my future.

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    1. Thank you for the reblog! 🙂 Sorry I happened to be at WDW last week with my toddlers so was unable to offer the thanks I truly wanted to give you. 🙂 Would love to ask you some questions soon on your job experience…


      1. They must have had such a blast! I haven’t been down to the parks in a long time so I’m sure it’s been updated with all new characters in the recent years. But yes! I won’t be done with training until June. It’ll be interesting to experience the other side of Disney.

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    1. Haha every financial analyst (I have met personally) is the most bubbly, unique personality ever! 😀 What a great field! I was a purchasing agent for a while when I first had my daughter before I decided to just be all the time mom. 😉

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