Candida Don’t.

Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across this retail blog this week, and it had my husband and I both rolling on the floor in laughter! I wanted to reblog it immediately, and I have been eagerly awaiting for Sunday to share it with my followers! I love when an associate can take the customer situations that are most difficult and respin it into humor rather than disgust or bitterness as is all too common in most retail blogs. *Disclaimer: This tale is not for the conservative faint of heart* Definitely a fun & hilarious journey into retail. 😀

The Neverending Grocery Story

This past month has been one of growth and self-realization.  At this point I have now worked in grocery retail for 18 months, or 1.5 years for people without children, began a grocery blog, and opened a twitter account.  This past month I also landed a promotion, raise, and transfer to a new store location.  What started out a part time gig to let me pay the bills while I focus on my acting and improv career is quickly consuming my life.  Because I am also a full-time grocery employee, I get 40 hours of exposure to customers and their stories – stories that consume my brain cells.

To be sure, I am waaaay behind on sharing with you the nutso’s I’ve encountered.  Last night, for example, was classic.  At 9:40pm, while I am attempting to close the department and finish ordering for the week, a young man (who didn’t…

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3 thoughts on “Candida Don’t.

  1. LOL Great read! I worked in retail for 10 years and I can so relate! lol I started following this as soon as I finished the post 🙂

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