Shop Girl Features

Along the top of the page there are 5 unique headers to offer you an exceptional blog experience when you visit Shop Girl Anonymous

Home Page where you will have access to all the retail knowledge and gossip that you could ever dream of!

About Shop Girl: Get to know my motives, my mission, and my drive.

Complaints Department (newest feature!): a form that allows you to submit your customer experience, stressful management, or further questions to me personally.

Job Seekers Helpline:  Resources for those seeking Retail Employment.

Trending Topics: I try to keep an updated list (at least weekly) of the most popular blogs over the past 30 days, so if you are late to the game, or have missed out on some of the buzz, you can see the posts that really caused some commotion.

Feel free to check them out, feel free to offer feedback, and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Shop Girl Features

    1. Awww! Thank you so incredibly much. I was just sharing with my (ever so sick of hearing about this) husband last night how much I feel my blog is finally hitting its stride. 🙂


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