My First Big Goal Met: 100 Followers

When I started this blog in January I went in with very little confidence, especially considering I started out with Tumblr instead of WordPress.  My goal originally was to write yet another blog ( I think I have like 15 out there?) except this time actually have someone out there reading it.  I had written most of my book and was looking to publish, but every literary agent came back with, “if you have not been published before, keep a similar blog and show us people are interested.”  Great I thought, how long will that take?!  I mean my oldest blog has all of 5 readers, who used to actively comment.  But here we are at the beginning of March and I have hit the 100 followers mark, that was the initial goal I set for myself.  And since goal setting and achievement is a huge focus of retail (or any career) success I believed it was important to share, that I have reached my first goal.  Now I have to think of a new one, didn’t expect this to happen so quickly.

And to my followers, you have turned this from something I was doing for a literary agent and made it something far more personal.  The community here is undeniably supportive and amazing.  Your blogs make the long days of being a stay at home mom in a new town far away from lifelong friends and family incredibly bearable!  Thank you all for your continued support!  I have a huge line up of blogs I think you will enjoy based on the feedback I have received so far, I even have some even set to publish as I am flying with Dumbo and my kiddos at Disneyworld in two weeks. 😉

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