Self Management 

Love the dedication and ever so rare customer service world verve! This is hands down my spotlight retail worker of the week, she knows what it takes to give your job 100% and has received the recognition for it, and is a better leader thanks to it!


The most important lesson I’ve learned lately is how to effeciently and effectively self manage myself. This past year I received two promotions at work; and have had to learn a lot about myself in order to be an admirable and impactful leader in my store. Self management, I believe, is the ability to catch yourself in moments and coach your way to making better decisions on the spot…This is especially important in customer service jobs.

More often than not, in your mind you are aware of when you aren’t working as hard as you could be, when your pace could be a little quicker, and when your attitude could be a little better.

In the workplace it is important to bear enough maturity and self awareness to not only be mentally aware of opportunities in yourself at work; but also having the determination to make changes quickly and with…

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