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I think this should be a fun activity with my followers and blogger friends.  In my blog I write to you mostly from the stand point of a confident manager, but for the first two or three years of retail I was just your “average joe” shop girl.  If it was terrible, cruel, and bitter I have probably done it.  If it was stupid, not well thought out, or unplanned I was there.  So here is your chance to ask.  Wondering all the truths of ‘what really goes on in the stock room?’  ‘Do cashiers ever intentionally not give you your discount?’  How much do we hate returns, really?’  Or just about anything from my own personal experiences.   Feel free to ask it now! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Q & A: Ask Me Anything

  1. Just a story coupled with my opinion. I’m really tired of miserable workplaces so I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I was in a VERY large store that sells groceries, dry goods and just about anything else you can think of. I was in the grocery part which was right beside one of the storeroom doors. There was a lot of laughter coming from the storeroom. As I’m standing there, two managers went in and told the staff to stop. I close enough to hear it all. They were nice about it but wanted it stopped. When the managers came out, I was still there (I’m picky about my bread). I mentioned how nice it was to hear laughter in the workplace and happy employees. They were obviously a little taken back by my comment. I don’t recall exactly what the manager’s reply was but it was something like, ‘well they shouldn’t be doing that.’ I understand management’s position but I can tell you there were at least three sales associates out on the floor in the dept where I was, one staff and the two managers so it’s not like customer service could have been or was affected. Or that staff appeared to be not working. So I ask, what was the harm? Yup. It was a little loud but to tell them to stop?…as you have said in previous posts, it’s the sales associates that make the business successful. Let them be happy.

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    1. My biggest platform as a store manager and a district manager was actually to foster laughter. I actually have a post coming up not this Tuesday but next that will actually cover that. I believe smiling and laughter is the most motivating and uplifting acts we can perform as humans. Laughter not only will allow sales associates to stay motivated, but will also encourage customers to buy, to hang around, to visit often. I have a had my share of managers who informed me it was unprofessional, but honestly, are we doctors or are we in customer satisfaction? This is not brain surgery, lighten up.

      Now following that line of thought, and playing devil’s advocate a moment, if the customers are not involved in the laughter, some customers can be annoyed by it. It can leave the impression of alienation, like there is no productivity, and can also make them self-conscious (is there something stupid I have done they are laughing at). I always made an effort to make the customers part of the fun.

      Despite her motives there is always a happy medium, always a compromise. Stop laughter, never, kindly ask them to turn down the volume a little when working in the stockroom, that’s okay.


    1. I can say that science is not my thing (I had to take food & nutrition twice in college, and barely passed astronomy with a low C). And as surprising as that seems the only study of gravity I have experimented was the two times I dealt with two different assistants fall off of the top for 12 ft ladders onto the concrete floor of our stockrooms. 😉


      1. Oh, I can’t wait for that one. So I’ve only worked retail once (an associate and then team leader (step below assistant manager, only the assistant manager was drunk all the time & we had no store manager…so, I was a manager at low pay) at a pet food store), but was also a barista and did telephone customer service too. If you are short on horror stories, just let me know. Or if you open up the comments to ours, I might just write a book. 🙂

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