7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores

It is believed by some extremists that internet shopping will be the end of all Brick and Mortar locations.  They might as well stand on the street corner with their pitchforks and  slandering signs shouting out “The End Is Near!”  I’m not one of these extremist  but I am very strongly a believer of shopping in store versus online for many reasons.

1. Support Local Economy

The best way to help the economy of my community is investing in it.  For each item I purchase from a human as opposed to a computer I am putting towards employing a fellow local.  This is also a vital point in how a city grows and flourishes is through the value of their commerce.  If we can have shoppers in our malls and brick and mortar shops, we can keep vacant buildings off the street, and beautiful newly maintained shopping centers popping up.

2. Touch the Product (get what you know you want)

I am a big visual shopper, I am also very exploratory of everything I want, wether it be a new book, or a beautiful new lamp for my bedside table.  I want to feel the quality, is it worth my investment?  Many times I find that I find something awesome while window shopping online, but then when I arrive in person and hold it in my hands I find that this is not at all what I had perceived it to be on the screen.

3. No Delivery Charges

I remember being terribly ill this past November and my Husband’s birthday was at the beginning of December.  He has terrible back pain so I wanted to order a chair massager for him online (since I was too ill to enter the shops.)  I found a great bundle deal that actually would allow me to save 30 dollars on the items I was looking at, plus a little extra, I was ecstatic until I got to the check out and found that my delivery charge would be an additional 30 dollars, taking all the money I just thought I saved.  I cancelled my order and pulled myself out of bed the next morning, if I wasn’t going to to get a deal I would at least support my local economy and have the product guaranteed in time.

4. In Person Customer Service to Help

There are many times I have a question about a product.  How does it work?  What are the benefits of this over this? Why do I want this?  What would you suggest I purchase with this?  I want a connection with an associate to help me purchase what I need.  Online we are given a impersonal chat box and automatically simulated suggested items based on the items your looking at, not based on your individual tastes and needs.

5. Save Money

It was found in 2011 that online shoppers spent 40% more than in store shoppers!  That is a significant difference.  It’s easy to get carried away with the “great deals” and the convenience of every aisle at your fingertips.  It is extra helpful that Amazon suggests additional items you never knew existed but all the sudden desperately need to accompany your purchase.  There are so many reasons why shopping online is more dangerous for your pocketbook than in person.

6. Instant Gratification

When I purchase something in the store I have it now.  Not same day air…now.  I don’t have to wait. Even Amazon is going brick and mortar, adding to the convenience of hands-on and instant gratification, I covered a bit on these launches in my Radio Shack Report a couple of weeks back.

7.  Get Out of the House

Catch some rays, gather your Vitamin D to keep your spirits up.  Take a breath of fresh air while you take the short walk from your car into the shop.  Experience new people, new situations, change up your routine and keep things fresh and spark new inspiration.  Bask in the world outside your doorstep.

Why do you visit brick and mortar stores?

8 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores

  1. The products tend to be unique and I love socializing with the shop owners! Often times you can get one on one time with the store owner to discuss the products and gain advice for your own business! I have learned that people love sharing the rough lessons they have learned while building up! You never know who you will run into either and a new friend can be right around the corner!

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    1. I had a district manager that was amazed by my connections when I was her assistant. It didn’t matter if we were in backwoods Louisiana or Sedona, AZ I almost always ran into a high school chum or the parents of my friends from elementary school, or perhaps my siblings’ best friends growing up, in any store we were visiting. haha! I guess that’s a perk of still looking the same as you did when you were 12 at 30. 😉

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  2. It isn’t really “local” for me, but there is a hat after which I’m positively drooling at a store in the East Village. I could order it online and have it delivered to my front door in a week, or I could hop a train from the station 15 minutes away, get some exercise, and go pick it up. If I go in person, I get to try before I buy- what if, in actuality, I DON’T $140 like the hat, after all? I can chat with the sales people, I can see what else I might like- and I can use my frequent buyer card (and I am a frequent buyer) to earn a sixth point toward my ten items.
    Plus, let’s face it- a walk alone through the East Village on a weekday in the spring is quite enjoyable, even if you haven’t got money to blow.

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