You’re a Sales Associate. Do You Know How Amazingly Important You Are?

You are the most vital gear in the entire build up of the company.  You and your sales team create the spirit squad for your company, with high energy and excitement for your product and what you do.  Without your amazing efforts your company would not be as prosperous as it is, your supervisors are truly at your mercy.

I’m only a lowly sales associate…how big of a role can I really play? And there are two very important answers to these very understandable thoughts. First and most obviously consider how many forms of income does your company have? Just one and that’s Sales, making your efforts vital to the company’s over all success. Your individual success is calculated into the base income and success of your store.

Second you are the face of the company, the kindness and warmth you show to your customers is the only real insight the customer has into your company’s intentions. If you have not yet read and understood the goals and mission statement of your place of employment do so. You are the determining factor in happy customers, and happy customers are not only spending customers but also repeatedly spending customers.

-Shop Girl Anonymous Sales Associate Training Guide An Excerpt from the Chapter: Arithmetic: Altering Your Perspective to the Big Picture

The Chart of Retail Hierarchy


Here are the hard questions (for all levels):

1. Am I welcoming to my customers?  

  • Proper body language
  • Eagerly welcoming
  • Appreciative of their patronage

2.  Do I understand my job is customer-centric?

  • Not focusing on tasks
  • Not hiding behind the register
  • Not chatting with workmates

3.  Do I feel supported by my supervisors?

4. If not, have I offered my supervisors feedback on my struggles?

  • If you do not feel you are receiving adequate management and do not know how to broach the subject with your supervisor, please feel free to contact me with your struggles and I am available coach you through offering your employer feedback.

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