Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

I found this story a refreshing and uplifting reminder that our customers mean as much to us as we can mean to our customers.

grocery store madness

Most retail employees have “regular customers”, the people we see frequently, with whom we share a smile, an aside, an “all right, then?” It’s unavoidable in this industry, and even more so when you’re in a store that sells “necessities”.

There are the regulars you see, but with whom you don’t engage in any sort of contact or recognition, despite daily run-ins:  the woman who stands in front of all the discontinued items and dented cans and super bargain stuff for 45 minutes and has to be kind of… well… hawk-eyed, so that she knows someone’s keeping an eye on her. After she picks up every item on that shelf, she usually wanders to health & beauty and tries out all the expensive hairspray, champagne dreams on a tap water budget.

There’s the woman who wanders in every night around 10, 10:30, and ambles aimlessly, not necessarily shopping, because I don’t…

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