Communication Binders

What does one use communication binders for?  I thought to myself as my district manager lightly covered some tactics other successful managers do.  As a teacher I wanted to avoid the use of these binders considering the ideas I had to utilize them for were eerily close to the ideas that I had for my sixth grade readers.  I would place worksheets and homework, notes to parents, and class schedules into these binders which students were to take home each night.  The next morning they would bring them back and I would pull out completed homework and replace them with a past graded assignment for them to in turn take it back home to their parents again that night.

When I did introduce binders the staff seemed extremely receptive to the idea and I watched their motivation and confidence improve.   Tasks were efficiently completed, and I was able to train with them individually even on my days off.

Uses for Communication Binders from Manager to Employee:

1. Expectations List

2.  Daily Tasks

3.  Weekly product challenges (these we will cover on a later date)

4. Training exercise tailored for individual employee weaknesses

5.  Recording progress in sales statistics on a daily basis

6. Action Plans for Improvement

Use for Communication Binder from Employee to Manager:

1. Days requested off

2.  Department product shortages

3. Questions on Training Exercises

4. Weekly Department Analysis and Review

5. Action Plans for Improvement returned

What other uses could you think of to utilize a communication binder?

Bonus: I used to color code employees as based on their notebook color.  All notes to  and from employees were written in their correlated color of post-it and/or pen.

9 thoughts on “Communication Binders

  1. When in the Navy, we had pass down logs. There were watch pass down logs, office pass down logs, shift pass down logs and what seemed like pass down pass down logs. In the military, communication is one of the most important commodities (right up their with training). In the real world, I still use a communication system, a spread sheet set up for what I call office notes (I keep a separate one regarding each assistant). Anyway, anyone working in the office can enter notes, mostly if something goes wrong such as, an irate or problem customer, property damage, equipment failure, etc. I tell my Area Manager that if anything ever happens to me, anyone should be able to come in or move up and know what is going on and run operations in my absence or if I don’t come back. Employees have separate forms for time off, etc., so it is really just to communicate with each other so no one is caught off guard if asked about a situation. It only takes once for me to not have information before an assistant “forgets” to enter an event into the office notes again. 😉

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    1. I remember my ex who, was also a store manager in the same company, kept a running log where the employees recorded daily notes about the day. That way everyone was in the know. For me it was hard to focus on all the incredibly long notes between visits, but it seemed to really work for him and his team and that was what was important. 🙂

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      1. The tool utilized for communication is secondary…communication in itself is the key to success; of course, and the willingness to communicate.


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