I need to check your ID

My husband visited the pharmacy today in attempt to pick up his prescription after his oral surgery this morning.  The man behind the counter looked over the prescription then kindly looked up to my husband and asked, “may I please see your Driver’s License?”  For the reason of avoiding the rabbit hole I will not go into why, but at present my husband is without a drivers license, but he is handily equipped with his VA card, and his retired veteran’s card issued by the government.  He smiled as he pulled out these cards and handed them to the man.  “No son, I need a drivers license.”  My husband explained that at present he did not have a driver’s license but was more than willing to offer these far more official federal level forms of identification.  The man argued again, “no I need something official, like a drivers license.”  At this point I am certain my husband wanted to reach across the counter and slap the man across the face.

When I was 23 I was at a local liquor store having misplaced my driver’s license and was attempting to purchase a bottle of wine.  The man behind the counter asked for my drivers license and I offered him my spousal military ID. “No ma’am, I need a driver’s license.”  I argued, “This was issued by the US Government, not by a state driver’s test.  “Where’s your date of birth on this anyway?” I patiently showed him, understanding his frustrations as this type of ID was not your typical one.  He still refused to take it, accusing me of making it myself since they are made with such poor quality (much like that of my junior high student ID).  Again I had to agree.

As a shop girl I have had many customers annoyed over my need to check their ID to run a credit card.  Even more irate when a small framed Caucasian woman offers me  a credit card with the name Edgar Hernandez and the ID of a large Hispanic male with a large mustache.  “This is my boyfriend and this is his card.”  I have to apologize and refuse, this is for my customers’ protection.  “Why would I have his ID if he isn’t my boyfriend?!”  I have to bite my tongue and hold back a snarky, because now it just looks like you stole Edgar’s entire wallet.

Keep in mind that a passport and a military ID are acceptable forms of identification, in fact they are actually can be considered more official than a driver’s license.  Become familiar with what they look like, and how they are laid out to easily find the information you may need and to be able to better detect fraud.  Know that active military and military dependent ID’s are dramatically different.  Become an expert to better accommodate your customers with unique situations.

3 thoughts on “I need to check your ID

  1. WhenI read this article, I remembered an incident that happened to me when I travelled to Spain two summers ago, I was shopping in a big famous store in Madrid, when I went to the cashier to pay with my credit card, they asked for my ID, I showed them a copy of my passport since I’m not from there, and they refused to process my payment and cut my card immediately 🙂 into 2 halves 🙂 🙂 .. All what i was thinking about is to punch the sales lady but of course I didn’t, I smiled and said, you are in deep trouble now, because according to law I am not allowed to walk around with original passport so I have to have a copy with me, and you just cut my card! how will I pay the hotel and car rental now! amazing right! the situation escalated, I hated the store (globally, all their branches), I hated Spain 😛 .. but I am over it now.

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    1. See?! I remember taking many foreign passports from all over the globe when I worked in my tourist locations. Although I think cutting the card is a bit extreme for a tourist. What did you do? Have to order a new card from Madrid and have it shipped same day air?! Or were you able to work something out to gain lodging and transportation in a foreign country?


      1. It was extreme, and without saying anything, she just cut the card. I called the bank and they arranged with hotel and car rental company to transfer the money to their accounts but i couldn’t shop or go to restaurants, i called a friend i knew there and she helped me leave to France (my 2nd destination) i cut my stay short in Spain and i received my new card when i reached Cannes, my friend’s uncle owns a hotel in cannes so all this helped, otherwise imagine what would happen! After that i never travelled with one card only just in case.

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