5 Simple Steps to Win Any Retail Job.

Hello wandering soul who has found themselves on my blog after a google search for retail jobs.  There are a few aspects to consider before taking the plunge.  But if you have considered all the pros and cons on this link and are still looking to persevere onto this fantastic journey then follow these tips.

1.  Create a Resume.  Consider a moment the aspects that a retail manager will be looking for when constructing this resume.  Managers want to know

  • Are you goal oriented
  • Are you a people person
  • Could you sell shoes to a snake
  • Are you coachable
  • Are you an goal achiever

2. Find jobs.   There are multiple ways of finding the jobs to apply for:

  • I would suggest starting with your LinkedIn Profile, this will create a list that is catered to your locale and past experience.  If you do not find something interesting continue to scroll down to your connections.  Where do your connections work?  Would they be willing to put in a good word for you, or keep an eye out for any openings? (This is Networking)
  • Check Glassdoor.com.  This is a fantastic way to not only find job openings but to see what other employees have to say that have been there.  Look over the “pay sucks” and “Customers are assholes” reviews because that’s just retail, look for more significant cons before holding back from jumping in on the opportunity.
  • Apply to three retailers online a day.  Two stores that have listed that they are hiring and one store that you are passionate about whether or not they presently publicize they are hiring.  (Retailers have incredibly high turn over so are always hiring, and rarely advertise if they are hiring for anything below assistant manager positions)
  • Put on your cleanest look, go to the mall, and walk.  Visit any vendor with a Now Hiring sign in the window.

3. Apply in Person. Many companies have gone paperless making it easier for you to just sit back with a cup of ramen and fill out all the applications you can.  Once you have submitted your application do not dress in a three piece suit, but do wear something nicer than a grungy flannel top and torn up jeans to approach the stores that you applied to.  Ask to see the manager in charge of hiring, (if they are not in, then when will they be in you will return then).  Hand said manager your resume and make a personal connection as to why you are passionate about working at their specific store.  Be sincere, know that hiring managers have heard it all and can detect insincerity.

4.  Interview like a pro!  

  • Do your homework and become familiar with the company’s background, values, and product before the interview.
  • Keep your answers simple and professional.  Speak plainly and confidently.
  • Do not release you baby mama drama, or your political or religious opinions.
  • Again be sincere.
  • Have a question prepared to ask at the end of the interview (this could be about training, pay, or anything that you may have misunderstood during the interview process)

5. Rinse and Repeat.  Know there are many candidates and just because you weren’t chosen doesn’t mean you were not considered.  If you do not get the job, feel free to ask in a professional non-confrontational manner where you could have improved your interview or resume for future job hunt endeavors.  Then just wash that job right out of your hair and keep optimistically trying.

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