9 Extremely Easy Tips to Succeed in Direct Sales

So Last Ways and Means Wednesday we discussed the early stages of choosing a Direct Sales Company to commit to.  Now how do we make that commitment become a success?

1.  First Schedule 3-5 killer upfront parties (one in the family, one for work friends, one with your bestie) to announce your big new commitment and to give all your potential clients a taste of the fun that is in store.  Put your head together with the host(ess) to come up with at least 10-20 names of potential guests (their work buddies, friends, and family).  More people mean more potential parties.

2. Do not leave it only to your company to appreciate your host(ess) with the mostess with “potential” rewards.  They are taking a big step to help you in your new endeavor.  Use your southern charms and never arrive without a host(ess) gift, bring (1) a personally written and short Thank You card for your appreciation for their efforts. (2) A small gift (this can be a product you carry or even just a knick knack from Hallmark), (3) and a bottle of wine (where appropriate).   This will not only show your host(ess) you appreciate them, but show the guests also how much you take care of those who are interested in a party with you.

3.  The base of all successful sales careers is who you know and knowing everybody.  Take the opportunity of the party to make new friends and expand your personal contacts.  Do not be a company robot, take some time get to know each guest on a personal level before your presentations starts.  Ask them about their careers, kids, families, hobbies, anything that has nothing to do with the company or the product you sale (unless they ask you about it of course).

4.  Make ’em laugh.  Be a clown through your presentation, keep it entertaining and down to Earth. Look up some fresh new humorous lines online or through your mentor/training system that will help liven the mood and make your product and presentation less like a sales pitch and more like the party it was intended to be.  Make sure to sit through as much of it as possible to be more on your guests level, this makes you relatable.

5. Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate!  This is what makes you stand out more than the catalog in their laps.  The more product you have to demonstrate the better.  Be sure to leave the best stuff for last.  Do be short winded and make sure you hit all the key points quickly keeping your presentation within a 20-25 minute window.

6.  Make it your goal to book at least 3 more parties at each with these parties.  Make sure to bring up that they will not only be up for the potential gift of the month with your company, but also that you would automatically bring them a special gift because of just how much you appreciate them helping you.  The biggest hold back generally is the concern they don’t know enough people, so assure them that you can help them brainstorm guests, can even throw in a few of your own if they are comfortable with that.

7. Keep your network alive.  Be sure to invite your new contacts to lunches and dinners with friends or other potential clients(non product related conversations).  Send Christmas/Holiday cards out to everyone who has ever attended a party.   Make sure to extend invites to clients who want more product to your upcoming parties.

8. Do not hold more than 2 “book parties” a year.  These are great to boost up a couple of sales and earn yourself a new product but this is not a way to generate more business.

9.  Determine where you want to be in the company and communicate that with your team leader in order to get the best assistance to achieve your goals.  If you decide you have bitten off more than you can chew and want to scale back your pie in the sky efforts keep your leader in the loop.  Or, even better, if you decide you have a greater passion and success rate than you expected then again let your team leader know as soon as you are ready to make the commitment.

10 Questions to CONSIDER Before Diving into Direct Sales-2.png

Image Courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gdominici/12920005/

4 thoughts on “9 Extremely Easy Tips to Succeed in Direct Sales

  1. Great tips! I really believe #7 is an important one that can impact whatever business you are in ah… “tremendously” as the Trump would say. In all seriousness treating your networks and potential clients as more than just sales for the books, definitely leads to more opportunity/business. Sending cards, always a classy touch!

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