Home Depot needs 80,000 new orange aprons

Home Depot is Hiring 80,000 new workers for the new season. Apply now, the application process takes about two weeks and they will want their new recruits hired and trained by March.

Perks of Home Depot:

  • Higher than average retail pay as a starting associate (Avg 11.74/hr)
  • Rates an average of 3-4 stars on Glassdoor.com
  • Offers benefits to part timers (this is a mystical unicorn in the world of retail)

The Cons:

  • The reviews are mixed either you have too long of shifts that pull you away from your family
  • or you aren’t given enough hours to survive.
  • The large amount of employees make it difficult to stand out to move up

This is a fantastic seasonal job to keep money coming in while you seek out that next big break in fall. Also if you do so happen to offer a stellar performance Home Depot is a good company to move up with. My brother works for a similar sized and reputable hardware store and due to his stellar customer service and extremely high warranty sales he was offered a promotion in his second week. You just have to stay positive and know all things are possible.

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