Communication: How to Give Feedback

Last Tuesday I discussed the importance of consistent feedback from management to employees, but I did not cover how to administer this feedback.  I once had an assistant who had an incredibly rash way of offering feedback to employees, most of her feedback was more damaging than helpful.  Frustrated I went to my extremely wise roommate at the time and vented to him.

“Jess, tell her it’s like an Oreo, that we need to provide encouragement in our criticism. Tell her to commend them on a strength by acknowledging their effort.  Then as the center offer a way they could do it better next time.  Then leave it off with encouragement by offering one more compliment of how super they are.”

It was simple, it was easy, and it worked!  Your feedback should be encouraging but filled with an opportunity of growth.  Don’t even just leave at great job, but don’t ever just criticize their efforts.  Find the happy ooey-gooey middle.

How often should I offer constructive feedback?

-At the completion of every task.  (Let’s them know how important it was)

-When you witness them doing something exceptional without being instructed to do so

-As soon as you see an employee making an error

-Every Day

-Every Week

5 thoughts on “Communication: How to Give Feedback

  1. I had a former boss that was verbally abusive to all the staff. She ran the location by FEAR. The crazy thing was the people hire up knew it but it was almost as if they were afraid to do anything about it. It was almost it was easier to replace us then to deal with her. Crazy and I was so glad when I finally left.


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