Communication: The Importance of Employee Feedback

Feedback lacked incredibly in my retail experience.  As an associate, manager, or even as a district manager consistent feedback was something I never received.  As a manager I would grow nervous so I would ask my DM, “am I doing a good job, I just don’t know.”  She would laugh, “trust me, if you were doing a bad job you would know.”  This only added to my anxiety.  I would rationalize it like this: I don’t know what I’m doing right and I don’t know where I can improve, so that means that at any moment I could be fired when my DM decides I’m no longer meeting her expectations.

Consistent employee feedback is the first and and most essential step in ongoing training.  It is easy to forget to thank an employee for their exceptional work.  Worse yet, sometimes when managers see an employee has completed the task incorrectly they get frustrated and just fix it themselves rather than explain to the employee how to improve their work next time. This typically results with them exploding on the employee at a later date when they innocently repeat the mistake one too many times.

Why is Employee Feedback so Important?

1. Fosters job security by building trust.

2. Generates job satisfaction which reduces turnover rates

3. Creates engaged and productive employees

4. Keeps the manager from working overtime to compensate for ignorance

5. Creates future leaders through ongoing education and confidence.

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