Communicating: Expectations of Overall Performance

I recently went on a discussion forum on Linked In that asked what are the three most important aspects to being a good leader, and instead of answering three different answers, most people just gave one simple word communication.  So I thought for the next two weeks (at least) I will base each post on that topic.

The Expectations of Overall Performance should be communicated day one of training, and should be reviewed over and over again.

When writing out your personal expectations as a supervisor ask yourself:

  1. What are my measurable expectations of employee performance?
  2. Where are company and my policy expectations not being met?
  3. What are my goals for this store for the next month? year?

Make the list no longer than 10 points and keep your directions concise (no more than one line typed).  Make the final bulletin point your short term and long term goal of the store.  It is important for all the staff to have a common understanding on the store’s direction.

What to do with the list:

  • Read to staff members at next team meeting, after all questions are asked, or any confusion is sorted out have the staff sign it.
  • Read it to all new hires on the first day of training.
  • Place a copy at the front of every communication binder.
  • Post a copy on the break room bulletin board.
  • Keep out of sight of customers.

What to do as an Associate- Make a game of writing out what you believe your supervisor’s 5-10 top expectations are for you and list it on a sheet of paper.  Ask to talk to them one on one to review it (maybe have them prepare an expectations list beforehand) and then sit down and compare ideas.  You will no longer have to mind read, and they will be able to see how they are presenting their priorities.

5 thoughts on “Communicating: Expectations of Overall Performance

  1. I really like that your posts are applicable to any industry. The specifics should be altered, but the concepts are the same. I also like that you include the perspective of management and the employee. Having been both, I think showing a balanced perspective for the good of all is important. Keep up the good work!

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