Struggling malls to fall further behind in 2015- outlook


Consumers might be set to shop more in 2015, but that won’t be of much help to the hundreds of malls that are expected to disappear in the next decade.

The conventional wisdom that malls are dying is only partly true. What’s really happening is the commercial real estate equivalent of growing income disparity: high quality malls, with tenants such as luxury department store Nordstrom [fortune-stock symbol=”JWN”], growing specialty clothing store Uniqlo, and Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”] are pulling away from weaker malls, often with a Sears [fortune-stock symbol=”SHLD”] or a J.C. Penney [fortune-stock symbol=”JCP”], in terms of sales per square foot and value.

And 2015 will be no exception, according to Green Street Advisors’ 2015 U.S. Mall Outlook, which the real estate analysis firm exclusively previewed for Fortune.

The chasm between the sales per square foot—retail’s most important metric—between so called “A” malls, and “B,” “C,” or “D” (‘D’…

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