10 Quick Tips for Personal Safety in Retail

1. Talk to your manager about scheduling two employees every day after dark.

2. Never leave store premises to chase down a shoplifter, always call security first.

3.  Do not walk to your car alone at night.  If you work in a mall most security will escort you to your car free of charge. (invest in keychain pepper spray or self-defense classes)

4. Never let a customer behind the cash wrap.

5.  Contact security if a conversation with a customer is growing irrationally and scarily violent.  A good key time to decide to call security and when the customer starts attacking you by calling you derogatory names.

6.  Keep your stockroom locked.  Keep personal items somewhere safe from customers and other employees.

7. Do not handle store deposits alone.

8.  Keep store locked when counting down registers or performing any sort of after-hours work.

9. Know all your security team personally by name.

10. Be 100% familiar with all your store’s policies and procedures for money handling, in store injuries, and protocol for terrorist or store robbery situations.

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