Wake Up! Get in the Know Retailers!

Wake up! Grow Up! Wise Up! I would want to cry, ripping at my hair again and again as I heard sad excuses for piss poor performance, and a repetition of the same mistakes over and over and over again.  If you are in sales, it is vital that you are knowledgable of your surroundings.  Take a moment away from your Growler, your Tinder, and your Facebook youngbloods, take a moment when your kids are napping parents, leave the cat video’s be for a moment sad lonely soul and connect with the real world for just a moment…

The happening around you is so important, sales person to sales person how difficult would it be to sell a product that you knew nothing about?  The developer drops some mystifying device in your lap and walks out the door with no history, explanation, no value or description.  Sure the best of salesmen that could sale shoes to a snake could sale it, but would it be as satisfying to you or your customers?  As satisfying as it could be?  Instead we are provided with a bit of information of this new innovation.  And to foster your passion for said product you could take sometime to learn about it’s developers, where are they from? What are their motives?  What is their ultimate goal, what do they have in the making that has yet to be released?  Perhaps you could also do research on the product itself , it’s further purposes, other varieties out there, any history or additional trivial information that was not included in your short dialogue your merchandise experts had the time to share with you.

If this were so easy for one little product, one little sliver of your big picture, then why wouldn’t you do the same for the two main drives that consume about 90% of your time?  The customers and the cold hard cash.  Get to know what is going on in your community, will it help business flourish or inhibit your traffic?  Is there a local expo bringing tourism?  Is there a life or death football game being held out of town?  Will the event draw the populous into town or out of it?  Will the event allow time for shopping, or will you most likely have lighter traffic?

Even more easy and even more important is sitting down and learning about your actual field of work and then asking yourself the right questions.  What is going on with other retailers?  What is going on with the overall economy?  Are you in a location that it’s considered an oil crisis, or price relief?  Will the crumbling prices enable more money to pile in your population’s wallets or magically shrink it?  What’s the unemployment rate, how many buyers vs. shoppers are you looking at?  Check stocks similar to your own business (or the stock of your employer), this doesn’t take a financial degree, who is in the red and who is in the green?  What do the experts have to say about it?

Sales associates, team leads, and managers alike, we are in the day and age of Google and information is at your fingertips so there are no more excuses for not fully understanding the trends of your company or store location.  It’s far fetched to say that some act of terrorism that happened five states away three weeks ago kept traffic from your store, instead give the actual cold hard facts, provide your research, provide your sources, own what you are talking about.

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