A 2015 update of the worst employers of June 2014

For those seeking employment in the retail field at present here is the progress on companies that were the poorest rated this past summer via Glassdoor.com.  Some may surprise you!  (This is only the retailers, for a complete list please visit the accompanying link)

10. Children’s Place  

Rating as of June: 2.4  Rating Today: 2.3 (out of 5)

The main complaints listed were the typical retail complaints of low pay and lack in training. I can say from a customer’s perspective that the lack of training and motivation is apparent in my various visits to these retailers across several states over the holidays.  Poor customer service, the coupon chaos causing unnecessary stand still lines at the cash wrap, and the chaotic merchandising that does not seem to be consistently stuffed on racks between stores make the 4.5% drop in stock in 2014 understandable.  Obviously no successful game changing ideas are being made as the number of employee satisfaction continues to plummet, and as I witnessed a 7 year old who was injured in the face by a heavily overstocked clothing rack in a Houston location this past November.  No apologies were made, no discounts or customer care offered.

9. Family Dollar

Rating as of June: 2.4  Rating Today 2.3 (out of 5)

Low pay, high stress, and disorganized management.  I’m actually quite fascinated to continue to watch the transformation of Family Dollar over the next year, as they were just purchased last week by Dollar Tree for $8.74 billion who presently holds a 2.6 rating on glassdoor.

8.h.h. gregg

Rating as of June: 2.4 Rating Today 2.1 (out of 5)

h.h. gregg is strictly commission based, and their commission structure appears arbitrary to its employees.  Commission probably wouldn’t be the worst method if they didn’t lack a healthy and consistent flow of customers.

6. Dillard’s

Rating as of June: 2.3 Rating Today 2.4 (out of 5)

Unreliable scheduling, and a huge push for achieving high sales goals make for poor job security.  Despite employee complaints, Dillard’s saw an increase in customer satisfaction in 2014 by 2.5%

4. Jos. A. Bank 

Rating as of June: 2.3 Rating Today 2.4 (out of 5)

In June, Jos. A. Bank was acquired by Men’s Warehouse for $1.8 Billion and so this company is still in the adjustment period of new upper management.  The new CEO approval has risen from 24% to 77%.  Very interested to see Jos A. Bank flourish from the new deal.

1. Books-A-Million (BAM!) 

Rating as of June: 2.0 Rating Today 2.3 (out of 5)

In their frantic struggle to keep up with competitors, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon, BAM! seemed to loose focus on the motivation and encouragement of their employees.  Obviously being rated worst company in the nation to work for relit a fire of passion for their employee satisfaction as their ratings have been on the rise.  There are very few recent ratings that are less than 4 stars for the apparent and vastly improving employer.

Full List is Available here: http://247wallst.com/special-report/2014/06/21/americas-worst-companies-to-work-for-3/

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